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Comparing Car Magnet Advertising: Size vs. Quantity

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Comparing Car Magnet Advertising: Size vs. Quantity

When promoting a business, visibility matters. Car magnets offer a budget-friendly, effective way to advertise on the go. Yet, not all magnets are created equal. There’s a debate about which is better: fewer large car door magnets or more of the smaller types made by ARC Marketing. Let’s dive in and see which offers the best bang for your buck.

ARC Marketing’s Small Magnets vs. Large Car Door Magnets

ARC Marketing specializes in small round car magnets and oval car magnets. These are compact, neat, and unobtrusive. They can easily fit on any car type, from sedans to SUVs. On the other hand, large car door magnets are more visible. They’re often the choice of realtors and contractors. Both have their pros and cons.

Cost Comparison

Large car door magnets can range from $10 to $25 each. The cost depends on size and color count. On the flip side, ARC Marketing’s smaller magnets come at a neat $4 each when you buy 50. At first glance, larger magnets might seem to have more advertising value. But is that really the case?

Imagine buying 10 large car door magnets for a fleet, each priced at $20. That’s a total of $200. For the same price, you could get 50 of ARC Marketing’s smaller round or oval magnets. The numbers give a clear initial cost advantage to ARC’s offerings.

Advertising Value: Quantity Over Size

50 cars wearing your brand’s magnet can create an expansive advertising web. Here’s why this matters:

More Cars, Wider Reach

Think about the roads your car travels daily. Now, imagine 50 cars doing the same with your advertisement. The outreach multiplies substantially. More cars mean more eyes on your brand. It’s simple math.

Consumer Trust

A company car with an advertisement is expected. But a customer’s personal car? It’s a vote of trust. When potential clients see ordinary people endorsing your brand, trust builds. It sends a powerful message.

Unexpected Advertising Avenues

Your fleet has a specific route or area. Customer cars don’t. They go places your company vehicles might never tread. This offers fresh, unexpected avenues for your advertisement.

The Greater Impact of 50 Cars

A single large magnet on a company car is noticeable. No denying that. But 50 smaller magnets on 50 different cars? That’s omnipresence. The sheer repetition imprints your brand on viewers’ minds. It’s like hearing a catchy song over and over. Soon, it’s what everyone hums.

Consistent Brand Reminders

People might forget one large advertisement after a while. But it’s hard to ignore a brand that keeps popping up throughout the day. The consistent reminders enhance brand recall.

Variety of Presentation

Different car models, colors, and sizes offer variety. Your small magnet will look different on each vehicle, catching attention each time. Variety keeps the viewers intrigued.

Conclusion: Small Magnets, Big Impact

Advertising is all about being seen. While large car door magnets have their place, the sheer volume of ARC Marketing’s smaller magnets offers undeniable value. For the price of advertising on 10 company cars, you can turn 50 customers’ vehicles into mobile billboards. That’s expansive reach, increased trust, and repeated brand exposure. In the world of advertising, quantity combined with quality often reigns supreme. Choose wisely!

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