Awareness & Fundraising Car Magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets for 5K and 10K Runs

 Car Magnets can serve a higher purpose when used to bring awareness to an event that will commemorate a beautiful life and further a legacy.

The Runnifer is a 5k run that will help fund the Jennifer Stagnaro Memorial Scholarship. The magnets are a tribute to Jennifer’s love for running and her spirit and to raise awareness for the 5k run that will benefit a Great Valley High School graduating senior headed to college.

Car Magnets for Awareness and Fundraising

Car Magnets for Awareness and Fundraising

Jennifer Stagnaro, was a beautiful, kind, loving person.  Her best and favorite role for the past 15 years, was being a wonderful mother to her three beautiful children – Maggie, Annie and Drew – her greatest joy.  She also was a loving wife, daughter, sister, and friend to so many people who loved her right back.  Tragically, at age 45, she passed away on November 18, 2013, from a sudden cardiac event that occurred while she was out for a run – something else she loved to do.

Lost in their grief over Jennifer’s untimely passing, and looking for a way to honor and remember Jennifer, her family and friends created the Jennifer Stagnaro Memorial Fund.  The fund is designed to raise money to support college scholarships to graduating Great Valley High School students – where her daughter Maggie attends school, and where Annie and Drew will soon attend school.  The scholarship, which started in 2014, is given to a student who reflects the qualities that many most admired in Jennifer – her kindness and generosity, and her commitment to helping others and the community.  A college scholarship seemed an appropriate way to honor Jennifer because of her own background in education – she was a teacher and, more recently, had returned to substitute teaching – and her commitment to education which was reflected in her volunteer work for her children’s schools, the schools’ PTOs, and her passionate work to keep the local school board focused on its mission, even in the fact of challenging economic times.

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