5 Fundraising Sales Tips

5 Fundraising Sales Tips

5 Fundraising Sales Tips

5 Fundraising Sales Tips

Maybe you’ve chosen the perfect fundraiser for your group, but you don’t know how to get people to sell for you. With the right fundraising sales tips, you can make your fundraiser a huge success.

There are a ton of fundraising ideas to choose from. Whether you’ve chosen to go through the process of selling a food item or the easier option of selling custom car magnets, the following fundraising sales tips will help you make more money.

Start with the Basics

Teach all your participants a few basics for selling including:

  • Smile and use direct eye contact
  • Have a quick one or two sentences pitch
  • Communicate what you’re selling and why quickly
  • After asking for the sale, remain silent as you wait for a response

A huge mistake people make when selling anything is, they oversell. Teach your participants to ask for the sale and stop.

Create a Sample Pitch

A sample pitch can help your participants sell better. It should be very quick and to the point. For example, “Hi! My name is John Doe from the church youth group. Can you help us out because we are raising money for our upcoming mission trip?”

Of course, you will want to customize the pitch to fit your specific needs. When you give people a short pitch they can follow, it won’t be long before they make it their own.

Choose High Traffic Areas

If you’ve been given permission to sell your custom car magnets after church or at a local department store, make sure you choose a high traffic area. Don’t set your table too far off to the side. You want people to have to walk past you and see what you have to sell and why.

You should also create signs that make it clear what you are selling and why. Use big, bold letters, and put the signs in an easy place for people to spot.

Sell Online with Social Media

One of the best fundraising sales tips many people miss is selling online with social media. There are some great ways to go about spreading the word online with hashtags, asking others to share the custom magnet they bought, and more.

A good social media campaign can be huge for any fundraiser. It can put you in a great place to raise more money.

Fundraising Sales Tips for Selling Custom Car Magnets

When you choose to sell custom car magnets as a fundraiser, there are a few things you can do to sell your magnets faster and easier. The tips above will certainly help. You should also consider selling at the following types of events:

  • School sporting events
  • Church events
  • Church services
  • Festivals
  • Local Trade Shows
  • And More!

Any event where people might be and you have permission to sell is a good choice.

It can also be a good idea to offer a deal for those buying multiple magnets. Many people own more than one car these days so consider deals, such as 1 magnet for $10, 2 magnets for $15, or 3 magnets for $21. These types of deals can help you sell more magnets to the same person, which can boost your sales.

If you use these fundraising sales tips, you’ll be in better shape to make more money from your fundraiser this year.