Create an Awareness Magnet for Your Fundraiser

Awareness Magnets for Fundraising

Awareness Magnets Work as a Fundraiser

Create an Awareness Magnet for Your Fundraiser

Your fundraiser can be about more than just raising funds for your group. When you create an awareness magnet for your fundraiser, you’ll be spreading the word, while supporting your group.

Awareness magnets can be created for any cause from cancer research to rebuilding after a natural disaster. Any cause your group wants to support works great with the right custom car magnet designed to create awareness.

Whether you’re a church group, sports team, or school, selling awareness magnets to support your group and raise awareness is a great choice. You can even do a fundraising split by donating some of the proceeds to the cause you’re spreading awareness about.

Why Awareness Magnets Work as a Fundraiser

There are many reasons why creating an awareness magnet might be the right choice for your group. Maybe you have a member suffering from something specific and you want to raise awareness, while fundraising. No matter the reason, awareness magnets work great for fundraising for many reasons.

Awareness Magnets Evoke Emotion

When you create an awareness magnet, it has the ability to evoke emotion. People considering supporting your cause may connect with your group, but they may also connect strongly with the design of the magnet.

For example, if you choose a ribbon magnet to support cancer research, you might evoke emotions in someone that lost a loved one to cancer. This emotional response often makes them more willing to buy and display the magnet, which helps raise awareness and raise funds for your group.

Makes People Feel Included in the Cause

Sometimes, people want to get involved in helping to solve a problem or support a cause, but they don’t know how. An awareness magnet gives them the right outlet to show their support, spread awareness, and feel included.

They can display the magnet with pride just like a bumper sticker, but without the damage to their car’s paint. It becomes a great conversation starter and they will spread even more awareness because the magnet is on a moving vehicle.

Includes More than just Direct Supporters

When you choose to sell a custom car magnet as a fundraiser, it might be designed to represent your sports team, church, or school. This works great, but it will be harder to sell to those not directly involved with your group.

An awareness magnet allows you to raise funds for any group while expanding your target audience. You’ll be able to sell these custom car magnets to anybody looking to support the cause on the magnet, along with your group.

Commonly, people are more willing to support a group when they are also raising awareness. If you split the funds by making a donation to the cause you’re spreading awareness for, it can make it even easier to raise funds.

Creating an awareness magnet for your group’s fundraiser offers a great way to do more than just raise money. You can spread awareness for a cause your group feels strongly about, make a donation to that cause, and also raise money for your group, all at the same time.