Cub Scout Car Magnets

Cub Scout car magnets are the biggest portion of our Scouting Magnets for Fundraising.

We design and produce magnets for all branches of scouting; Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

A Cub Scout magnet can do several things for your pack, but the two most important things are: 1) create awareness for your Cub Scout Pack, and 2) provide an amazingly powerful fundraising tool.

Your Cub Scout Pack has a lot of expenses; you are constantly looking for ways to raise money for all of your worthwhile activities. Let us design a beautiful car magnet that will give all of your friends of scouting the opportunity to show off your Cub Scout Pack logo and help you raise money.

Here is the magnet designed for Cub Scout Pack 10, from Burlington, New Jersey. This classic design features the Cub Scout Logo with the traditional Cub Scout colors.

Cub Scout Car Magnets

Cub Scout Car Magnets

Here’s a little information about Pack 10, from their website:
Pack 10 received its’ first charter in 1986. We serve our community by giving leadership and opportunities for boys between the ages of 6-11 to learn how to become better citizens, stewards of the environment, how to belong and contribute to their family, and what it means to be honest and loyal to his friends and to himself. Currently we have over 90 boys in grades 1 through 5. We maintain involvement in the community by participating in clean-up days, building scarecrows every Halloween for the Municipal Building, and helping our Scouts become better citizens.

To get  customized car magnets for your Cub Scout Pack, just give us a call at 760-743-6340.

Youth Hockey Car Magnets

Hockey Car Magnets

Hockey Car Magnets

Hockey car magnets for fundraising. This is a no-brainer, easy score. Kind of like shooting on an open net. So your kid decided that ice hockey was the sport he or she wanted to be in. Wonderful, right? Not so fast; hockey might be the most expensive youth sport in America. When you add in the outrageously priced equipment and the insane expense of “ice time” for games and practice, the bottom line is staggering. You might as well take out the equity loan right now. Your team or league can help offset that huge bill and the parent’s share by selling custom car magnets designed and printed by ARC Marketing.

Here’s another custom car magnet designed and produced for a youth hockey club.

The Skokie Flyers Hockey Club is located in Skokie, IL. Founded in 1983, the club is celebrating its 31st year in 2014. Here’s a little more info about the club, from their website

The Flyers Hockey Club provides the youth of our community (ages 6 – 18) with the opportunity to take their hockey play to the next level of advanced development and levels of competition. Flyers Hockey Club instills in our players the positive values of good sportsmanship, teamwork, self-discipline, and responsibility through the sport of ice hockey. If you are looking for a higher level of competition, involvement and greater commitment to the game of hockey, Flyers Hockey is for you.

Let the design-team at ARC Marketing create a similar magnet for your team. It doesn’t matter if your team plays hockey, football, softball, soccer or whatever… you can benefit from a high quality fundraising car magnet. Visit our website at

The Wood Acres School

The Woods Acres School car magnet

The Woods Acres School car magnet

School Car Magnets are the biggest category of sales here at ARC Marketing. We design and print custom magnets for hundreds of schools every year. Some are somewhat basic; an oval or round magnet that includes all of the basic elements. Those basic elements are:

  • School Name
  • School Colors
  • School Mascot or Logo
  • Town Name

Some schools challenge us to get even more creative by using unique outside shapes and uncommon themes.

The Wood Acres School wanted us to design a car magnet that resembled a postage stamp, so the design-team at ARC Marketing created the above magnet. Intricately die-cut along the edges to resemble the perforated edge of a postage stamp, and post marked with their home town of Marietta, Georgia, this is one of our all-time favorite magnet designs!

Here is a little more information about the school, in their own words…

Latitude 33° 59´ 41.27 ̋ North   Longitude 84° 25´ 47.25̋ West

That’s The Wood Acres School geographically speaking!  With a huge compass rose emblazoned on the plaza of our school to being known as the Navigators with a bright green alligator as our mascot, The Wood Acres School is a well established, well known, and well respected private independent school in metropolitan Atlanta.  Students begin learning @ the Woods as early as two years old and graduate after completing 8th grade to continue their education in private, public, magnet, charter, or specialty high schools.  Wood Acres has been educating the future since 1969 and is proud of both its rich traditions as well as its focus on developing resilient, compassionate, engaging, and articulate young men and women ready to tackle life and living in the 21st century and beyond.  Besides holding regional accreditation with distinction, The Wood Acres School is also an International Spanish Academy through the Embassy of Spain with outstanding second language learning opportunities beginning with the Three’s and culminating with an 8th grade capstone trip to Spain.  Not only do the arts thrive @ the Woods, but also STEM has a home here with three dedicated science labs and a nationally recognized experiential science program as the adopted curriculum.  All this is nestled on 10 bucolic forested acres with walking paths, playfields, and places to laugh, learn, and linger with friends, old and new.  “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.”  Perhaps Ralph Waldo Emerson was imagining a not-so-little school tucked away from the distractions of everyday life where children have the freedom to grow, learn, and enjoy being a child.  Experience The Wood Acres School today.  Visit our website at to learn more.

Let our design-team create a unique, conversation starting car magnet for your school! It’s easy to get started. Just fill out our Virtual Magnet Request Form by clicking here!

Promote your Small Business with a Small Car Magnet

Advertising Car Magnets for your business.

We’ve all seen them; those huge 24” x 18” magnets on the doors of business cars and trucks. They really help advertise your business when you are out driving that vehicle. Let’s say that your business has 10 employees and 10 company cars.

Advertising Car Door Magnets

Advertising Car Door Magnets

Those “car door” magnets will be seen by about 100 cars every day! That’s 1,000 views of your advertising magnet every day… 365 days a year (as long as your employee is driving that car). Pretty impressive, huh? These large car magnets can cost anywhere from $10 each to $25 each, depending on the artwork and the quantity that you order. Certainly a cost-effective advertising tool no matter how you look at it.

If you are looking for more bang-for-your-buck, consider this… instead of using those over-sized, overpriced car door magnets use our smaller oval or round car magnets. For the same $250, we can supply you with 200 more subtle, more creative and more colorful car magnets. Imagine the impact you will gain if there were 200 cars driving around with your magnet on them!

But you don’t have 200 employees or 200 company cars. That’s the beauty of this advertising concept. You have the cars of your customers and your friends become your mobile “billboards”.

However, most people will not want a blatant adverting magnet on their personal car. Really, who would? The key here is to design a clever magnet that will appeal to your community. The advertising part is really secondary to the non-advertising message. Our design-team is here to help you create a magnet that will both be willingly attached to your clients car, and will also provide an advertising message for your company.

Here’s an example. If you are a cyclist (and there are millions in every state in America), one of your common goals is to educate the driving public to “share the road”. You see this phrase on Bike Route signs, you see it painted in the Bike Lanes, you see it on t-shirts and cycling jerseys. Cyclists actually buy car magnets that say “Share the Road” and put them on their cars.

Share the Road Car Magnet

Share the Road Car Magnet

By combining a popular catch-phrase of your target audience (Share the Road in this example) with your company name, you have created an advertising magnet that will be eagerly displayed on any cyclist’s car. Keeping your company info small and subtle (to avoid the appearance of a blatant advertisement) will make it even more likely that the magnet will end up on that car.

Now you have 200 magnets on 200 cars, and just like the big car door magnets, each of your smaller magnets will be seen by about 100 other cars every day; broadcasting your company name. 6th grade math tells us that those 200 magnets will generate about 20,000 impressions every day. Does this sound more effective than those large car door magnets?

For more information, and to have one of our expert designers show you what we can do your you, just visit our website at

Swim Team Car Magnets – North Georgia Aquatics

Swim Team Car Magnets

Swim Team Car Magnets

Swim Team Car Magnets are an important piece of our business. Swim teams are a unique sports club, when compared to the other sports you can participate in. Most amateur sports outside of schools are designed for the younger portion of our population (football, baseball, soccer, etc.). Swimming is a sport that you can continue from your school-days into old age. In fact, most of the swimmers on these teams are parents and grandparents.

North Georgia Aquatics is a Cumming Georgia-based competitive USA swim team that practices at the Aquatic Center in Cumming, Our low coach to swimmer ratio, practice flexibility, no-contract pricing and a strong focus on teaching the correct techniques in the water are what set us apart.

The NGA program is dedicated to providing opportunity and encouragement for all of its swimmers, teaching the proper techniques of the four strokes, starts and flip turns – all while having fun.

Keeping the team small allows the coaches to provide one-on-one attention to each swimmer and to focus on their individual areas for improvement. The coaches know all of the swimmers, their strengths and what areas need to be worked on to achieve improvements at each swim meet.

North Georgia Aquatics employs only certified professional USA Swimming coaches. Our coaches have completed classes preparing them for their roles on deck, and they have cleared the national background check system

ARC Marketing can design an  Olympic Quality car magnet for your swim team too. Just reach out to us at 760-743-6340, or visit our website  for a free magnet design.

Assets School: Learning that transforms lives

In our “Client Spotlight”, we enjoy letting the world know a little bit more about our clients, in their own words…

School Car Magnets

School Car Magnets

Assets School 60th Anniversary Car MagnetSchool Fundraising Car Magnets is the best way to raise money for the programs that your standard budget does not cover.

Assets School is a critical and vital part of the educational system in Hawaii that provides premier educational services to students who learn differently, such as students who are gifted and/or dyslexic, or simply bright learners struggling in school. Assets provides a learning environment for youngsters who faltered in typical, mainstream settings and need an alternative approach. There is no other school like it in the State.

Over the next several years, Assets School will experience unprecedented growth and expansion. Recently, Assets purchased the three-and-a-half acre campus that they had leased for the last 21 years with plans to build a new campus for their K-8 program on it. The two-year construction project is scheduled to begin in June 2015. A capital campaign will be launched to raise funds, support, and awareness for building the new campus.

Also in June 2015, Assets High School will move to a new location and will be named: Assets High School: Academy of the Pacific Campus. This will provide Assets a greater capacity to serve students who learn differently.

2015 marks Assets’ 60th anniversary. Assets School has been transforming students’ lives since its inception in 1955. Our theme, “60 years of learning that transform lives,” celebrates Assets’ vision to create a community in which all children thrive and realize their own potential, so that society benefits from their unique talents and abilities.

With so many incredible milestones in 2015, we plan to share our pride with the greater Hawaii community in a variety of different ways.

The 60th anniversary car magnet will be given to parents who join our parent association group, Assets Parent Ohana (APO), this year. The magnet will also be given as a gift to some of our major donors to celebrate our school. Our hope is to raise Assets’ visibility in our community as many of us proudly display our magnets on our cars. Living on Oahu, we tend to spend a fair amount of time sitting in our cars during our commute. During our valuable commute time people will come to know that Assets has been transforming lives for 60 years. We couldn’t be more proud and will show off our beautiful custom car magnets with pride!

Fundraising Car Magnets for Youth Hockey

Youth Hockey Car Magnets

Youth Hockey Car Magnets

I’m not sure which youth sport is the most expensive, but Youth Hockey certainly ranks near the top. Ice Hockey has a lot of unique and expensive equipment. Here is a list of most of the items (but not all!):

• Skates
• Helmets
• Elbow Pads
• Shin Guards
• Gloves
• Sticks
• Neck Guards
• Shoulder Pads
• Game Jerseys
• Practice Jerseys
• Tape
• Travel Expenses
• Club Dues
• Camps, Clinics & Lessons

If your kids are in a Youth Hockey program, you are well aware of the cost of each of these items. Young skaters tend to outgrow their equipment every year or two. And these are just the parent’s expenses!

What about the Youth Hockey League that your child skates in? League “Participation Fees”, which were very inexpensive (or often never passed on to parents) many years ago have been the largest, fastest growing expense. It is not uncommon for these League Participation Fees to be $500 to $1,000 or more.

Add in “ice-time”, coach’s fees, etc. and you can see why most Youth Hockey Leagues need to add fundraising to the mix. One of the easiest and most successful fundraisers is custom car magnets by A good fundraising magnet will be designed around the League Logo, using League colors. Also, an experienced car magnet supplier will be using the latest generation of magnetic material and UV inks. Magnets from suppliers that use these materials will last for years without fading or falling apart. You can get more information about fundraising car magnets for youth hockey by clicking here.

Gymnastics Car Magnets

Car Magnets for Gymnastics Teams

Car Magnets for Gymnastics Teams

Car Magnets for Gymnastics Teams.

Gymnastics…this is one sport that doesn’t get enough love. It seems like the rest of the world only pays attention to gymnastics every four years at the Olympics. But behind the scenes, during those other 3 years and 11 months, parents, coaches and gymnasts are working their butts off, training and competing.

Gymnastics is not an inexpensive sport. The costs can be massive. Uniforms, classes, coaches, travel… it all adds up; fast!

Just like with every other sport, parents of kids in gymnastics have to justify huge expenses. Trying to balance paying the gym fees instead of making the house payment is a conversation that comes up every month around the dinner table.

Your child usually starts with a simple gymnastic class when they are very young. Some gyms have tot classes for children as young as 18 months and some have beginner classes for 5-year-olds. With beginning gymnastics classes, the bills are just starting. Even in the beginning classes, parents need to buy basic equipment, uniforms, etc.

If your child showed some promise as a “Tumbling Turtle” or as a “Leaping Lizard” in the 5 year old class, then you are ready to move them up to an academy that will take them to the next level up, and take your finances to the next level down! These expenses are why most gymnastics academies have parent-run booster clubs. These booster clubs are there for one primary reason… fundraising to offset the cost of trying to become an elite gymnast. We feel your pain.
Of course, we suggest a custom car magnets as an excellent way to raise money, create awareness and let your upcoming Gold Medalist proudly show off to the world which gymnastics academy they train and compete for.

For more information about designing a winning fundraising car magnet for your gymnastics academy, visit our website  or give us a call at 760-743-6340.

Uniquely Shaped Car Magnets

Custom Shape Car Magnets

Custom Shape Car Magnets

Custom Shaped car magnets for fundraising.

Although round and oval magnets are the most common (they are also the most durable), occasionally a unique “die cut” magnet makes a more powerful statement.

Some car magnet companies charge extra for uniquely shaped magnets, so be sure to ask about that before you get too deep into the design process. ARC Marketing does not charge extra for uniquely shaped custom designed car magnets, and we also do not charge more for extra colors.

There are a few things you should avoid when designing a “die cut” magnet, and we can go over those things with you in detail when we start working on your design, but basically you should try to avoid sharp “inside” angles, and long thin projections radiating out from the center of the magnet. These are considered weak points of the magnet and could tear over time if the magnet is removed and reattached over and over.

Having said all of that, we love unique shaped magnets. They add a lot of character and can really jazz up your design. As always, our art department is waiting to assist you with your car magnet design, so give us a call at 760-743-6340 or visit our website at

Magnets for High School Football Booster Clubs

Car Magnets for High School Booster Clubs

Car Magnets for High School Booster Clubs

Booster Club car magnets are an amazing way to raise money for your High School Football Team.

Friday Night Lights. In most towns, this is a religion… High School Football is the only game in town.

Most high schools have a football booster club, organized and run by a handful of parents who want nothing more than to have fun on Friday night, watch their sons play the game, and help the team with a little financial assistance. Unless these parents are filthy rich, this financial assistance is obtained through fundraising.

We all know that there are an unlimited number of fundraising items out there and you probably already know what those are. But most of those fundraising items are horribly ineffective. They might raise a little money, but probably not. Most of the fundraising items on the market today rely on a “guilt-trip” to sell. Think about it; the last time you bought one of those huge chocolate bars or a neighborhood discount card, did you really want it? Or did you buy it just because you felt you should. Even worse, did you say “Thanks, but no thanks”? Would an avid High School football fan say no to a professionally designed, high-quality car magnet? Heck no! They would buy that in a heartbeat and slap it on their car immediately. They’d probably buy several; one for each car in their family.

Car Magnets by ARC Marketing provide an alternative fundraising item that not only raises money (a lot of money!), but also increase team spirit. If you ran a fundraiser using custom magnets, soon your community would be covered with them. Imagine hundreds of cars with your High Schools football helmet on them.

Let us show your booster club what we can do with your school’s logo. We would love to have one of our talented designers show you how your new car magnet will look at no charge. It’s easy! Just fill out our “Virtual Magnet Request” form, hit the submit button, and in about a day we will email your new magnet design to you. It couldn’t be easier! For you old-timers that have not yet embraced digital technology, you can always send us a telegram, or phone us at 760-743-6340. Either way, now is the time!