Custom Car Magnets for Your OSU Alumni Club

Ohio State Alumni car magnet

Ohio State Alumni car magnet

Here’s an idea that just might raise a little money for your OSU Alumni Club and raise awareness around your community.

Shown to the left is a picture of a custom car magnet ordered by the Sarasota-Manatee Ohio State Club. This magnet is creating a lot of exposure and awareness for the Sarasota club. Imagine the impact of have 500 cars showing off this beautiful car magnet. Each magnet will be seen by about 100 other cars every day… talk about exposure!

Let our art department create a free design for your club. As National Champs, you have earned the right to show off, rub it in, and represent! Imagine hundreds of cars in your city displaying your unique OSU car magnet!

Our designers are experts in creating works-of-art for your car.

Want to raise a little money for club expenses or to support your programs? Consider this: 500 magnets will cost you $815. Sell them for $5 each and you will pull in $2500. That’s a profit of $1,685. That’s more than 200%. Show me another fundraising item that can do that.

Request your free design! No cost and no obligation! We’ll also mail you an example of the Sarasota-Manatee magnet so that you can see our quality. We make the highest quality car magnets in America.

To get started on your free magnet design, just click here and answer a few design questions!

Call us with any questions at 760-743-6340.