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Not everyone wants a car magnet (I don’t get it!). For those people, we have our custom vinyl car decals. Designed to be adhered to the outside of the rear or side windows of your car, these cool decals let you show off the same artwork as your custom car magnet. You should probably order some of both!

Our decals are very similar to our car magnets (in fact, they are exactly the same size and use exactly the same artwork), our decals are printed on a white vinyl material (one piece, cannot delaminate) and printed with UV resistant inks (so it looks new and vibrant for years). The decals are  thinner than our car magnets (3mil vs 30mil).

Our vinyl car decals will adhere to almost any flat surface, they work best on car windows or glass of any type. Not recommended for use on painted surfaces such as the body of your car! Our car magnets should be use for auto body use. Also, not recommended for use on painted walls.

Our decals use a “low tack” glue and can be removed from glass with the use of glass cleaner (such as Windex). Will adhere to glass through extreme hot and cold or humid conditions.

Best news, they are a little less expensive than our car magnets, so we suggest you buy some of each.