A custom car magnet for your church? Why not?! Your members will love this, and they will all buy one or more for their cars. New members and visiting guests? This is the perfect way to make sure they remember you. Let one of our talented designers work on your new custom church car magnet today!

Does your church have an Outreach Program that you would like to promote? Custom car magnets are a fantastic way to let your neighbors know about the good work your church is involved with.

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Promoting your church is very similar to promoting a business. You need to achieve as much exposure to your brand as possible. Most church promotion is done by word-of-mouth or on your church website.

Here’s another way to promote your church, and raise money… custom car magnets. A car magnet with your church logo will not only pay for itself, but also add money to your account. Selling your very own custom church magnet for $5 each to all of your members will raise a lot of money. Plus, people all over town will be seeing your church magnet every day, multiple times a day.

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