Choosing colors for your new car magnet

You can use any number of colors, and since we print in full digital 4-color process, we do not limit the number of colors you can use. Also, we do not charge more for extra colors! However, we recommend not using more colors than you need since too many colors might make your magnet more confusing to read.

Choosing the size of your new car magnet

We can make your new magnets any size you want, but bigger is not always better. Bigger magnets are more expensive, and a bigger magnet might not fit on the back of all cars. Most people want their  magnet on the back of their car, so that everybody else can read it at stop signs. Newer cars use a lot of plastic (plastic bumpers, plastic tail lights, plastic spoilers, plastic emblems, etc.). Your magnet should be entirely on a metal surface so that it won’t come off at freeway speeds. Sometimes finding more than 6 inches of uninterrupted metallic surface is not always possible. Our recommendation is to go with our standard 6 inch oval magnet, or our 5 inch round magnet.

Choosing the wording for your new car magnet

Choose your words carefully. Too few words might not get your message across, and to many words will make the text too small to read from a car length away. Use your school name, team name, church name, etc. If the full name is too long, perhaps there is a shorter version of the name that will look big and bold.

Adding an image or logo to your new car magnet

Add a  picture to your magnet? Definitely!!! Logos, mascots, icons… you name it. A properly sized, clear image will make your magnet come to life. The key to making this work is to supply us with a clean, high resolution copy of the image you want our artist to use on your magnet. For best results, supply us with “vector” art files, or 300+dpi jpegs. If you don’t have vector art or a high-res jpeg, just send us what you have. Our artists might be able to clean up your existing artwork so that it prints clearly on your magnet… no extra charge!