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How Custom Car Magnets Have Become So Popular

Custom Car Magnets
Custom Car Magnets

How Custom Car Magnets Have Become So Popular

There was a time when you would never have seen a custom car magnet on the back or side of a car. Instead, it was all about decals and bumper stickers. While both decals and bumper stickers are still rather popular, custom car magnets have become incredibly popular over the past decade or so.

Some of the reasons for the growth in custom car magnets might seem obvious, while others maybe not so obvious. Let’s look at some of the reasons why these agents have become so popular.

History of Magnets

While magnetism has been around and known for centuries, it was just recently discovered that magnets emit a magnetic field that attracts iron, nickel, cobalt, and steel. The popularity of magnets began with the fridge magnet. in the middle of the 1900s. It’s a rather common type of magnet found in every gift store today.

The peak of fridge magnet popularity happened in the early 1990s when Dave Kapell created Magnetic Poetry due to the writer’s block he suffered. While fridge magnets are still rather popular today, custom car magnets have taken over.

The past decade or so has seen the rise of the car magnet. From real estate agents using large magnets to promote their services to sports teams creating mascot magnets as a souvenir for fans, these magnets have become very popular.

Custom car magnets allow businesses to run promotions and get more out of every dollar spent. They also provide a great option for a fundraiser for schools, churches, sports teams, and more.

3 Reasons Why Custom Car Magnets are Popular Today

1. Better Option Compared to Stickers and Decals

While stickers and decals are often cheaper, they also become very difficult to get off a vehicle. These items can also look tacky and cheap. Custom car magnets can be easily removed when it’s time to update your magnet. They can easily be swapped out for a new sports season, political campaign, or even for the holiday season.

2. More Expression/Identity

With more and more people wanting to show their personality and identity on the outside of their vehicles, custom car magnets have gained popularity. They work great for businesses people want to support, causes they want to promote, and even for those just proud of the school their children attend, school car magnets are common.

Custom car magnets also allow people to change their minds. Yes, a sticker or decal can be removed from a vehicle, but it’s far more difficult compared to taking off a magnet when you decide you want to support something else or you switch schools.

3. Printing Technology Advancements

One of the main reasons custom car magnets have become more popular is the more durable materials that can be used. Printing advancements have allowed suppliers to provide higher-quality custom car magnets for a variety of uses. These magnets don’t fade nearly as fast as older designs and they stay on vehicles, even during storms.

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