Think of all the items you can sell as a fundraiser. Chocolate, Magazine Subscriptions, Wrapping Paper are just a few. However, most people are trying to limit their candy intake, we already subscribe to every magazine we want, and wrapping paper… can’t we wait until Christmas please!?

But what about car magnets?  Here’s a fundraising item that not only makes money, it increases the awareness of your school. It creates a sense of community (imagine hundreds of cars with your school car magnet on them), it increases school pride (the students are going to make their parents buy one) and it makes a lot of money for your fundraiser. Winner!

The first step is to request a free Virtual Magnet so that we can begin working on your design. Request your free Virtual Magnet by clicking here. No doubt about it, the actual design is the most important part of the car magnet you will be getting for your school. The art department at ARC Marketing is the best in our industry. We know what it takes to make your new car magnet a success. From clean, crisp graphics, to the proper balance of words, we can design a magnet that becomes a powerful branding tool for your school.

Is your PTA or PTO active at your school? Custom car magnets are perhaps the most profitable fundraiser that your PTA or PTO can offer. Every parent will want your new car magnet, and they will probably buy one for each car in their family (Winner Again!).  With our friendly art department, no art charges and fast delivery time, you’ll be making money within 2 weeks of contacting us. We help Parent/Teacher groups all across the country raise money for every worthy cause imaginable..

Want a few design ideas? Click on one of the links below…

Small businesses everywhere face the same challenge; how to allocate scarce advertising dollars. You can blow your entire annual budget on nothing more than a $500/month Yellow Page Ad that no one is ever going to see.

You can spend thousands of dollars advertising in a local newspaper. You can hire some teenage kid to spin your sign on the street corner. Is any of that going to get you as much exposure as spending $550 on 250 advertising car magnets? Doubtful.

Turn your clients’ cars into mobile devices for your logo with a custom advertising car magnet from ARC Marketing!

It’s easy to get started on your new car magnet! Just answer a few simple questions about your magnet design by clicking here!