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Choosing the Top Fundraisers for Youth Groups

Choosing the Top Fundraisers for Youth Groups
Choosing the Top Fundraisers for Youth Groups

Choosing the Top Fundraisers for Youth Groups

When you need to raise money for any type of youth group, whether at a school, church, or a scouting organization, you need the right fundraisers for youth groups. With good fundraisers, you won’t have to worry about having enough money to support the organization and your future plans.

Choosing a good fundraiser for your youth group isn’t easy. There are plenty of options out there, but not all fit with every group. Let’s look at some of the top fundraisers for youth groups you should consider.

Top 5 Fundraisers for Youth Groups to Choose From

1. Sell a Product

There are many products you can sell to raise money for your youth group. You can sell custom car magnets, pizzas, or even cookie dough. Make sure you choose a product that fits with your youth group and one that doesn’t require special storage before it’s delivered.

It’s also a good idea to look at the profit margin for the product. Some products allow you to double your money, while others, such as custom car magnets, allow you to triple or even quadruple your money pretty easily.

2. Car Washes

Another popular fundraiser for youth groups is holding a car wash. All you need are the supplies to wash vehicles, a space to do it, and your youth group members to provide the labor. Most of the supplies can be donated or borrowed and many businesses will happily supply a parking lot for the car wash to be held.

You can accept donations for the car wash to raise money. It’s even possible to pair this with something like custom car magnets. You can give a custom car magnet to someone willing to provide a certain level of donation for the car wash, such as a $25 donation.

3. Hold a Gala Event

A harder and more expensive type of fundraiser for youth groups, you can hold a gala event. This will likely require some type of catering (you can have the youth group members do the cooking and serving) and some form of entertainment. It’s possible to add in a silent auction, too, which can be a good fundraiser for your youth group.

4. Rent a Person for Household Chores

Another interesting fundraiser you can use for your youth group is a rent a person for household chores fundraiser. You can charge a per-hour rate and let people in the church, school, or anybody else, rent each youth group member for simple household chores for a few hours.

5. Gift Wrapping

During the holiday season, you can set up times for gift wrapping and use this as a fundraiser. All you need is gift wrap, tape, and ribbons. The supplies can be paid for by a sponsor or donated by a local business for sponsorship. Then, you just need the youth group members to participate and you can provide gift wrapping for the church members, the school, or even the parents and relatives of your scouts.

When you need a good fundraiser for your youth group, these five choices offer great options. You can raise the funds you need by using one or more of these options this year.