Fundraising Car Magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets

School Magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets

Okay, now it’s October and you haven’t decided on all your fundraising projects for this school year. So it looks like you’re going to come up short on your fundraising goals.

Not so fast. Did you know that car magnets are one of the highest profit fundraisers available, and that if you get started right now, we can have custom magnets in your hands in 2 weeks? That’s just 14 days for a unique, on-of-a-kind promotional tool that will bring tons of attention to your school, plus make a 100% profit or more.

Some people are intimidated by anything custom, preferring the ease of using a generic, “me too” item to sell to parents as a fundraiser.

  • We invite those of you who are intimidated by JPEGS, GIFS, PNGS and Vectored art files.
  • We invite you to experience the ease of getting a customized, me-alone item to sell to parents.
  • We do not charge a single penny for a professional magnet design (or 10 designs, if that’s what you need).

And don’t think that it can’t be good if it’s free. We have some amazing designers. Most of us got our experience designing promotional items (like magnets) for all the Professional Sports Leagues and Major Colleges. We’re talking NFL, Major League Baseball, NBA, NHL and NCAA. You don’t get paid to do work for those guys if you aren’t the best in your industry.

Bottom Line: your procrastination doesn’t need to ruin this school year. Reach out to us ASAP and we’ll design a magnet that you, your school and all your students can be proud of. And we won’t tell anyone that you kept putting this off (our little secret)!

Want more info on our amazing car magnets? Visit our website at

Get started now. Give us a call at 760-743-6340.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Soccer Car Magnets for Fundraising

Soccer Magnets for Fundraising

Custom Soccer Car Magnets

Soccer Car Magnets for Fundraising

Yeah, we do that. We make fundraising car magnets for every conceivable sport, and youth soccer is at the top of the list.

I’m not sure of the official statistics, but soccer might just be the most participated youth sport in America (feel free to correct me on that if I’m wrong!). But based on the orders we get from soccer clubs, they sure buy more magnets. Maybe the parents are just more engaged in soccer programs than the parents of other sports.

Full Disclosure… Youth Baseball is a very close second.

Car magnets achieve several goals, but the two most important are fundraising and awareness.

Fundraising: We have several Youth Soccer Leagues that buy 1,000 magnets each season, and they sell them for about $6 each. Since our fully customized car magnets only cost $1.10 each at that quantity, selling them for $6 each means a profit of $4,825.00 for the league. I don’t think any parent would say “no” when asked to show their support and buy a magnet. In fact, most families will buy a magnet for each car in their family. That’s almost $5,000 going into your General Fund to be used for equipment, travel, etc.

Awareness: OK, this one’s for the kids. Once that magnets shows up on hundreds of cars in town, your young soccer players are going to feel like rock-stars! They are going to get a major-league sense of accomplishment and the entire community will know who the local soccer league is, even if they don’t buy a magnet.

Here’s a warning… your kids are just as picky as you are, and they do not want a poorly designed magnet. I’m not sure who trains the magnet designers at some of the other car magnet companies, but just look at the magnets shown on their websites. “Childish” and “Cartoonish” are two thoughts that come to mind. Your young soccer stars have a more mature vision of their soccer league and want their magnets to look like something a professional soccer team would design. Our artists are the absolute best in this industry, and our designs speak for themselves.

Looking for more info? Just visit our website at and get all the car magnet knowledge you can handle.

Are you ready to start making money for your soccer team? Just give us a call at 760-743-6340 and we’ll do all of the design-work for free!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Fundraising for Youth Baseball and Softball

Baseball Softball car magnets

Baseball and Softball Fundraising

It’s February! That means that Major League Baseball will be emerging from hibernation soon. Pitchers and catchers will be reporting to Spring Training any day now and soon it will be Baseball Season. February also means it’s time to get serious about fundraising for your kids baseball and softball teams.

Your young sluggers and hurlers will also be reporting for Spring Training, and means that Youth Baseball and Youth Softball diamonds all across America will be ringing with the sound of baseballs colliding with aluminum bats.

Youth baseball and softball, just like almost every other youth sport, is very expensive. I don’t need to tell you how much this is going to cost, because you have probably already received the invoice. But the amount that your team or league asks each family to pay is not the entire amount. There are league and team fees that are paid for by all parents as a group.

To reduce these costs, most teams and leagues run fundraisers all season long (car washes, bake sales, etc.)

Here’s another idea for your fundraising… Custom baseball car magnets is a fundraiser that achieves three goals:

  • It raises a lot of money. You can double or triple your money very easily.
  • It creates a lot of advertising exposure for your team.
  • It makes your kids feel like SuperStars.

Do you need to be a graphic artist to design a car magnet? No, but it helps! This is why our art department (staffed by the best graphic artists in the industry) is here to design your magnet for free.

Just reach out to us and we’ll have your Youth Team looking like a Major League Team. To get started on your free magnet design, just give us a call at 760-743-6340. Or, click on this link (FREE MAGNET DESIGN), give us a little info about your team, and we’ll get busy on your new fundraising magnet.

Play Ball!



Fundraising Car Magnets

Car Magnets for Fundraising

Fundraising Car Magnets

Custom Car Magnets

Fundraising is hard, but custom car magnets from ARC Marketing makes it a lot easier!

There is an overwhelming amount of fundraising opportunities out there, but unfortunately most of them are either ineffective or difficult to put into place.

Historically, door to door sales were the fundraising norm “back in the day”. You know what I mean, students trudging door to door, trying to sell oversized chocolate bars. Most people just said, “No thanks, but good luck” as they closed the door on these young fundraisers. And most of the purchases were made by the parents as a sympathetic gesture.

These types of door to door fundraisers are not conducted in 2017 because of safety issues.

Many effective fundraisers are still available, and many are very popular. PTA’s, PTO’s, Little League Baseball Teams, Youth Football Teams and more host Silent Auctions, Yard Sales, Car Washes and more. In fact, the most successful groups utilize several different fundraisers during a school year.

Car magnets should be part of your fundraising mix. Along with your Bake Sales and Car Washes, offering a custom car magnet (professionally designed for free by one of our expert designers) will add a lot to your bottom line (click here to see how much money you can make).

Here’s something that car magnets offer that most fundraisers do not… exposure and awareness. Imagine hundreds of cars driving around your town with your customized car magnet. Thousands of eyes will be on your magnet every day.

Do you think it’s difficult to design a custom car magnet? It would be if you weren’t working with ARC Marketing. We have a very talented art department, and we design the coolest car magnets in America. Better still, we do all the design work for free. All you need to do us contact us by phone (760-743-6340) or fill out a simple art questionnaire on our website (free car magnet design). Before you know it, your new magnet design will be in your in-box. And your artist will fine-tune your design so that you get exactly the design you want. 2 weeks later, UPS will deliver your new car magnets to your door.

Ready to get started??? Give us a call!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Humans vs. Robots

Custom Car Magnets

Human-Designed Car Magnets

Humans vs. Robots

Sounds like a bad science fiction movie, right? Actually, it’s a decision that you need to make when choosing a company to design and print your fundraising car magnets.

Most car magnet websites offer “Free Magnet Designs”, and we are among those companies offering this service for free. We use human artists on 100% of our designs. But most of the rest use software to design their magnets. Worse yet, you (the client) are in charge of running the software, with little or no support if you run into problems. You must choose your colors from a pallet of about 20 colors (any more than that would confuse their robots, I guess). You can choose from a stock portfolio of a few clip-art mascots, you have your choice of about 5 fonts and that’s about it. So, your magnet is going to look just like the last magnet they made using that same “Cougar” logo. Cookie Cutter Magnets. Boring.

Human artists cost more than robots. That’s an unfortunate fact for us, because we have human artists create all our designs. Could we save money by using this same software? Of course, we could, and this software is readily available. But this would leave our clients with the same boring designs offered by our competition.

Here’s the bottom line… you can have a real, human artist at ARC Marketing work with you to create the perfect fundraising car magnet, or you can struggle alone, trying to get your magnet design to fit into a software template created to pump out generic magnets. Working with our art department is fun, working with those templates is frustrating.

So, should you choose fun, or frustrating. I think you know the answer to that one. Give us a call at 760-743-6340 or visit our website at to get started on your free design.


Fundraising Car Magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets for your School

School Car Magnets

School Fundraising Car Magnets

Okay, it’s the middle of August, and your PTA/PTO still hasn’t finished their fundraising. Well, today could be the day that you can finally say “We’re Done!”.

The car magnet experts at ARC Marketing can design, print and deliver your new custom magnets in about 2 weeks. That means in about 14 days, your parents could be rockin’ your new magnet on their cars, trucks, mini vans, SUV’s and more.

Want to use this magnet in your refrigerator? No problem; this is a fridge-magnet on steroids. The magnetic strength of this magnet is about 10 times as strong as your typical fridge magnet. You can hold up a week’s worth of homework with this magnet. The days of slamming the fridge shut and having everything fall to the kitchen floor are over.

On your car, on your fridge, on your school locker… this magnet is going to put your school on the map and your fundraising on the fast-track to success.

How much can you sell these for? Quite a few schools are selling them for $10 each with no price resistance. Most parents realize that the money they pay for the magnet is a donation to the PTA, and the magnet is a gift for their donation, so in essence… money is no object.

How much money can you raise with our magnets? Let’s say you have us print 250 magnets at $2 each (your cost). Now let’s say you sell them for $7.50 each (that’s the average fundraising price). That’s a $5.50 profit on each magnet. Sell all 250 magnets and your PTA will raise $1,375. Try doing that with magazine subscriptions. Have a bigger school? Order more magnets and double your profits.

Now, we’re not saying that our car magnets are going to be all you need to do for fundraising this year, but custom car magnets should be part of your fundraising “mix”.

Let us help you get started with a free magnet design created just for you by one of our expert designers. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s free. Just fill out a simple form, giving us an idea of how you would like your magnet to look, and we’ll get a design to you ASAP. Just click here, or give us a call at 760-743-6340.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Sorority and Fraternity Car Magnets

Sorority and Fraternity Car Magnets

Fraternity and Sorority Car Magnets

Attention Greeks… this is a great way to make money and show everyone around school that you are the best Frat House or Sorority on campus.

Our 6 inch oval magnet is very subtle, and blends into all cars quite well. It doesn’t matter if you drive a beat up old Civic while at school, or if daddy bought you a new BMW, these car magnets just look right.

But the subtlety ends when you put your Greek Letters on this magnet. Suddenly your car is transformed from just a simple means of transportation to a rolling billboard for your Frat or Sorority. Can you imagine the frustration of a rival Frater in the car behind you at that stop light? Having to sit there and stare at your SAE or TKE car magnet? It might just be enough to make him switch teams.

Most Frats and Sororities will only want their 2 or 3 Greek Letters on their magnet, but some (like the Alpha Kappa Delta magnet shown above) will want a little extra added. You might want your Fraternity Crest on there somewhere, or your Chapter Name. It doesn’t matter what you want, our job is to design a magnet that will make you, your fellow members and your Alumni proud. Designing the best looking car magnets in the world is what we do. Nobody does it better and we do all of the design work for free.

Taking care of your new car magnet could not be easier. Just slap it on the back of your car, and make sure those Pledges take it off before they wash your car. That’s about as close to hazing as you can get in 2015.

Are you ready to be the Best Greek House on campus? Just give us a call at 760-743-6340 and we’ll start working on your free magnet design.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Color Guard Fundraising

Color Guard Car Magnets

Color Guard Fundraising Car Magnets

Is Color Guard a sport, or a discipline? Both, according to those who participate. Either way, Color Guard is an Extracurricular Activity and is not funded by the school. This leaves most of the heavy lifting to the parents. This is why fundraising is just as important for Color Guard parents as it for parents of any high school sport or activity.

Like most sports, there is a lot of gear to buy for Color Guard. Of course you have uniforms to buy, but you also might need to provide your own Flag, Rifle and Sabre. Have you priced this stuff lately?

But wait… there’s more! We just Googled “Color Guard Expenses”, and here is what one school says you should expect to pay:

  • Marching Band Fee $100 per student
  • Uniform Cleaning Fee $50 per student
  • Instrument Rental Fee $45 per student
  • Travel Expenses $500 – $550 per student

And there could be more. There could be additional fees for Auxiliary Instructional Staff, Materials for the Field Shows, and on and on.

The point is that Color Guard is just as expensive as the main-stream sports such as basketball and football, except that the parents need to pay a greater portion of those expenses than most other sports.

Let’s bottom line this, fundraising is critical to the continued success of your school’s Color Guard. Every dollar raised through fundraising is one more dollar not coming out of the parent’s pockets. You can hold a car wash every weekend, and a bake sale every weekday, but those fundraisers are really not well received. We’re biased, but we think the easiest way to raise money is with a custom car magnet. Depending on how many magnets you sell, you can make $500 to $5,000 if you sell the magnets for $10 each (and that’s the price that most Color Guards sell their magnets for).

Let us design a Color Guard magnet for your school; no obligation. Then you can decide if this is something that will help your Color Guard (it will!). Give us a call at 760-743-6340 or visit our website at today.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Make More Money for Your Fundraiser

McVey Elementary School

East Meadow “Community Themed” car magnet

Okay, so you’ve decided to use custom car magnets as part of your fundraising efforts. What is more important to you… bringing awareness to your group, or maximizing the money? Sometimes, a more “generic” magnet can appeal to a larger target audience than a specifically designed magnet.  This means that your income potential can be many times greater.

McVey Elementary PTA, in East Meadow, New York had us design the attached magnet for their fundraiser. As you can see, the words “McVey Elementary” do not appear anywhere on this magnet. Instead, they put their town name on the magnet in their school colors (also the school colors of the Middle School and the High School).

A magnet that said “McVey Elementary” would undoubtedly be very popular, and every parent with a student at the elementary school would want one. So you might sell 250 or so magnets.

But if you do what the McVey PTA did, and create a community themed magnet, you could sell 10 times as many. With the “East Meadow” magnet, every parent and student in all 3 schools will want one, plus residents of East Meadow without kids in school will want it just for civic pride.

It won’t be long until thousands of these cool “East Meadow” magnets are on cars everywhere in East Meadow, New York.

Put your town on the map, and your fundraiser into overdrive by selling a more generic “Community Themed” car magnet. Our design team will help you create your new magnet for free, so give us a call at 760-743-6340 today!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Custom Vehicle Magnets

Customized Car Magets

Custom Vehicle Magnets

Add impact to all of your fundraising efforts with a custom vehicle magnet from ARC Marketing.

Perfect for schools, youth sports teams, churches, scouting… you name it! Any group can easily get an affordable, high quality, weather-proof car magnet for fundraising or just showing off!

Works on almost any vehicle, this is a great way to increase awareness for your group as you raise money for your worthwhile cause.

ARC Marketing designs and produces custom car magnets for hundreds of schools and sports teams every year. Our magnets are the best, our designers are the best and you will definitely be proud to put this magnet on your car.

For more information and a free vehicle magnet design, just give us a call at 760-743-6340!