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Use Custom Church Magnets to Connect With Churchgoers

Use Custom Church Magnets to Connect With Churchgoers

Use Custom Church Magnets to Connect With Churchgoers

Use Custom Church Magnets to Connect With Churchgoers

It has become more and more necessary for churches to connect with churchgoers. Custom church magnets give you a tool to help you connect.

Not only will custom church magnets help you connect with your current congregation, but they also offer a great tool for bringing in new believers. You can use a custom magnet as a handout to help people spread awareness about your church.

With church attendance in decline in the USA, churches need to consider logo items to help spread the word. Branding your church will help spread awareness and get more people through the doors.

You can choose to give magnets out at a community event or even mail them out to houses near your home. County fairs are great for magnet giveaways as they give you an option to grab people’s attention for a conversation.

Promote Your Church Like a Business

Your church isn’t a business, but you should promote it as such. If you want to bring people in, you need to consider using custom church magnets. Consider giving two out to everybody showing up at church until you go through a few hundred or a few thousand.

If you gave away two magnets to everybody in your congregation, they’d have one for their car and one for a friend. This is a great way to help churchgoers evangelize and spread awareness.

An Emotional Connection

With the right design for your church magnet, you’ll be able to create an emotional connection. Most members of a church are already emotionally invested. They will likely be more than willing to display a church magnet on their car.

When they have a magnet on their car and another one or two they can hand out, they can help spread that emotional connection. You might be surprised how much easier it is to attract people to your church with a magnet to hand out to them.

A Great Form of Advertising

Have you ever wondered why real estate agents and businesses put magnets on their cars? Do you wonder if they work?

Most people using custom car magnets to promote their business know they work. The same goes for churches using magnets to spread awareness.

You can include your website address, a phone number, and a location to make it even more powerful. Regardless, of the contact info you include, you’ll be able to create awareness and spread your church’s name all over the community.

If your church isn’t filled every Sunday, you need to find more people to fill seats. Your job is to spread the Good News, and getting more people through the door allows you to spread the Good News further and faster.

Custom church magnets are a great tool you can use to attract new churchgoers. If you want to connect with your congregation and grow your church, custom car magnet offer a good tool to help. Let us help you create the perfect church magnet design today.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Church Fundraiser Ideas

Church Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas for your Church Youth Group

Youth Church Fundraiser Ideas for Your Youth Group

Your youth group needs to raise funds, but you’re not sure how to go about it. Sure, you’ve done car washes in the past and sold a food item to local churchgoers, but times have changed and you need a fresh fundraising idea.

There are youth church fundraiser ideas you can use. Let’s look at some of the top options before you make your final decision.

Car Magnet Fundraiser

One of the best ways to raise funds for your youth group is through a car magnet fundraiser. Car magnets are cheap to have made and they can be sold for a nice profit. Plus, if you design a magnet showing support for something bigger than just your youth group, you might be able to sell even more magnets.

For example, with the current situation, you can have ARC Marketing design a COVID-19 magnet in support of healthcare workers. This type of car magnet might be the perfect youth church fundraiser right now.

Of course, you can have a custom car magnet designed to fit any cause you want to support. It could simply be designed to promote your church or it could be designed to raise awareness about something else, such as homelessness or a specific church mission.

One of the best things about using car magnets as a youth church fundraiser is the ability to sell to just about anybody. Most people own at least one car and everybody has a fridge or locker. These magnets are great for cars, but will also look great on a fridge, school locker, or another metal surface.

Youth Charity Auction

Another good youth church fundraiser idea is a charity auction. This is a popular fundraiser because guests love to bid on items and feel likely they are getting a good deal. It’s often easier for local businesses to donate an item instead of actually writing a check, too.

With the current situation, you could organize a charity auction online. This can be done without putting yourself or guests at risk and it can be a great way to raise funds for your church youth group.

Sell Candy/Food Product

You can sell just about anything these days to raise money. Candy and food products can be rather popular. This type of fundraiser is a good idea, but it does come with some risks.

It can be harder to sell something you cannot hand out right away. Some potential buyers may not like the idea of waiting a few weeks or even months for delivery. Others may not buy due to the waiting.

When you sell candy, you may have to worry about how you store it. Some candy will melt if it gets too hot or could go bad in other ways. This can be a bit of a hassle.

Even with the downside, selling food products, such as candy, popcorn, or pizza can help you raise money. It’s an option for a youth church fundraiser, even if it’s not the most appealing on the list.

These three popular youth church fundraiser ideas will help you gain the funds you need. Whether you’re raising money for a mission trip or for another cause, Arc Marketing is here to help. Let us design the perfect custom car magnet for your fundraiser this year.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Church Magnets

Church Magnets

Fundraising Car Magnets for your Church

Promote your church with a church magnet

Are you looking for a fun, effective way to promote your church? A custom car magnet could be just the way to do this.

Combine your creative genius with our talented art department and I guarantee that together we will come up with a design that will impress your congregation and attract new members to your flock.

We design and print custom magnets for about 100 different churches every year. You can see a few examples by visiting the “Church Magnet” page of our Custom Car Magnet Gallery.

While some churches use their own logo, many have us design a logo for them to use on their magnets. Usually the wording on the magnet only mentions the church name and their hometown, but quite a few use the magnet for a higher purpose such as promoting an outreach program or to promote their preschool.

Imagine the impact of having this magnet on the car of every member. There would be hundreds of cars driving all over your town, promoting your church. Then picture hundreds of cars in your parking lot on Sunday morning, each of them with your car magnet; wouldn’t that be a beautiful sight!?

Making your church famous is just one of the ways a church magnet can help. Did you know that custom car magnets also make a fantastic fundraiser? For instance, you can have us design a beautiful custom Christmas magnet with your church name and you can sell them to all your members. Let’s assume you buy 250 custom magnets at $1.90 each. With shipping, these will cost you $1.98 each, so let’s just round up to $2 per magnet to make the math easier. Then you sell the magnets to your members (and other like-minded neighbors) for $5 each. So, for $5, your members are going to get a gorgeous one-of-a-kind Christmas magnet to put on their car throughout the Holiday Season. And you are going to get a $750 fundraising windfall to help you with the other programs at your church.

This is a classical example of a win-win situation.

How about if I told you that our art department (the best in the car magnet industry) would design your new custom magnet for FREE! It’s true… we do not charge anything to design your new magnet.

Let’s get started now! Just give us a call at 760-743-6340 or email me at and we’ll get busy. You can also visit our website at

Fundraising Car Magnets

Car Magnets for your Church

Church car magnets

Car Magnets for your Church

Church Car Magnets

Spreading the Word; this is what car magnets do best. Imagine your church’s car magnet on hundreds of cars in your town. Those magnets will be spreading your church’s message 24 hours a day, every day of the year! Plus, each of those magnets will be seen by hundreds of cars ever day. Talk about exposure!

Car magnets are the perfect way to appeal to new members and are a great way to acknowledge your current congregants.

What does a well-designed church car magnet look like? Most churches follow a similar format and an ARC Marketing designer will guide you through the process.

Most churches use their logo in the center of the magnet (don’t have a logo? We can help!). Of course, the name of the church goes at the top/center of the magnet, since this is where it is most noticeable. At the bottom of the magnet is a great area for your mission statement or outreach focus. This would also be the place to put your town name if you don’t wish to use a mission statement.

So, here are the three basics:

  • Logo or clip art in center of magnet
  • Church name at top of magnet
  • Mission statement or location at bottom of magnet

Some churches give the magnets to their members as a gift, and just let the magnet broadcast their message. However, most churches sell these to the members as a fundraiser. They can use the proceeds from the fundraiser to fund their outreach programs, day care center, etc.

Is it hard to get started on a custom car magnet? Not if your working with ARC Marketing. We’re going to be doing all of the heavy lifting throughout the entire process. You just give us a call and we will design your magnet, print your magnets and deliver them to your door; all in about 2 weeks!

Give us a call at 760-743-6340 or visit our website at

Fundraising Car Magnets

Custom Car Magnets for your Church

Custom Church Car Magnets

Church Car Magnets

Your church is not the same as the other church down the street. Nor is it the same as any  of the other churches in your town. Sure, there are similarities, but your church is different.

  • You have a different outlook on a variety of subjects.
  • You have an outreach program that is designed to serve those whom you feel need the most help.
  • You have a “mission statement”, which conveys your churches message eloquently, in just a few words.
  • You have a church logo, artfully designed with just the perfect colors.
  • You have a beautiful church, that has become the icon for your congregation.

How can you bring all of these things that make you different, and put them on some item so that the rest of the world can learn more about your church?

Here’s an idea… how about a custom car magnet that your members can put on their vehicles. Just one car, driving around with your magnet, will be seen by between 100 and 500 other cars every day. Not all of these cars will read the magnet, but the potential is there. That’s an amazing amount of exposure and publicity for your church. Okay, now consider the fact that not just one car, but hundreds of cars driven by your members will have your church magnet on them. It will be difficult for anyone in your home town to not see your car magnet on any given day. What a great way to get your message across.

ARC Marketing has helped hundreds of churches just like yours get a custom car magnet. We will design your magnet for free, and then we will print the highest quality magnet made in America.

It is so easy to get started. Just complete a simple questionnaire on our website. Answer a few questions about the magnet you would like us to design (shape, colors, logo, etc.) and within 24 hours, one of our artists will design your magnet. We’ll email the design to you and then you just let us know what changes to make to the initial design. Once your magnet looks perfect, just let us know how many you want. Within 2 weeks, your magnets will be delivered to your church where you will give them to your eagerly waiting members, or sell them for a modest fundraising price.

Get started right now by clicking here!   

Fundraising Car Magnets

Custom Car Magnets for Church Fundraising

Church Car Magnets

Promote your church with a custom car magnet

Everybody is proud of their church, and they want the rest of the world to know where they worship. What better way to let the car behind you know!

Churches all across America buy custom car magnets from ARC Marketing. With our expert design team, your church will get a beautiful, one-of-a-kind magnet that will portray your church perfectly.

Are you raising money for a youth program or some other outreach program? Sell custom car magnets to your congregation. Every member will want one, and they will gladly donate $10 to your fundraiser to get one. And considering that in most quantities, your new custom car magnet will cost less than $2 each, you can see there is a healthy profit for your programs.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. If you have a church logo, then just email that to us after you complete the Virtual Magnet form. One of our artists will design your magnet around your logo. If you don’t already have a logo, then just give us an idea of what you would like to see and our art department will email you a Virtual Magnet showing our first rendition. Then it’s just a revision or two away from becoming a work of art that your church will proudly display for years.

Are you ready to get started? Just give us a call at 760-743-6340, or fill out our Virtual Magnet Request Form by clicking here!

Fundraising Car Magnets

Promote your Church with a Custom Car Magnet

Custom Church car magnets

Promote your church with a custom car magnets

Car magnets have been used as a fundraising item and awareness tool for many years. The most common customers are schools and youth sports teams. However, a growing number of churches are now using custom magnets to promote themselves and their outreach programs.

Churches can sell their custom magnets to members to raise money for their various programs and can also give them to visitors and new members to help them remember their church.

Designing a custom magnet for your church could not be easier. ARC Marketing has a professional art department at your disposal. The design of your new car magnet just might be the most important element of your new magnet, and the artists at ARC Marketing know just what to do to make your magnet program a success. To start working with an artist to get your free magnet design, just click here.

One of our recent church clients is Sun City United Methodist Church, located in Sun City, California. Here is a little more information about Sun City UMC, in their own words…


Sun City United Methodist church at 30220 Carmel Road in Sun City, CA focuses its worship, fellowship, and mission on serving Christ and reaching the senior citizens of the Sun City/Menifee area. We support angel food ministries, a low cost local food distribution program which in turn supports the Menifee Valley Community Cupboard and Survival Ministries in the Perris area. The church also supports Heifer Project International, a ministry that delivers livestock to people in poor and developing countries around the world.

“This is a church that worships, gives and serves with a generous spirit and a warm heart” says reverend Rex Wignall   “It represents the best of the “greatest generation”.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Church Car Magnets

Church car magnets

St. Anne’s Episcopal Church car magnet

Are looking for a great way bring new awareness to your church? You could put up a billboard on the edge of town. You could advertise on a dozen bus stop benches in your neighborhood. You could advertise in the local paper. Any of those might work, but aren’t those methods of advertising really for businesses? Wouldn’t your church feel a little awkward if you started advertising on the radio? Are these advertising methods effective? Maybe, but they are so expensive and really not targeted to your audience.

How about a custom car magnet designed specifically for your church. Here are some of the features and benefits:

  • They are cost effective (usually less than $2 each)
  • They provide an amazing amount of exposure. Each magnet will be seen by at least 100 other drivers every day!
  • They will be everywhere once all of your church members put them on their cars. At the mall, at the park, at school…
  • They broadcast your message 24/7/365. They never quit!

And these are the highest quality car magnet made in America.

  • We use the latest generation magnetic material.
  • We use the best UV resistant inks.
  • We professionally design your magnet for free.

Getting started is easy; we just need a little info about your church (Church Name, Church Logo, Church Colors, etc.). And the easiest way to get this info to us is to complete a short questionnaire on our website. You can get to that questionnaire by clicking here.

Once you hit submit, your info will be transported to our art department, where one of our talented designers will create your preliminary design. Then it will appear in your inbox. Magic!

Would you rather talk to a human on the phone. Yeah, we can do that also. Give us a call at 760-743-6340.

Fundraising Car Magnets

Church Car Magnets

Church Car Magnets

Car Magnet of the Month. December 2013

Church car magnets are an excellent way to spread the word. Like any other group. churches often find the need to promote themselves. And how does a church promote themselves? Not with the traditional “business advertising” model; that would seem to be too impersonal.

Car magnets are the perfect way to promote your church. Car magnets allow you to turn the cars of your members into mobile billboards. Imagine 100 cars around town with your magnet on the back. Each of those cars will be seen by at least 100 other cars every day. That’s 7 days a week; 365 days a year. Car magnets never stop broadcasting your message.

New Horizons Church in Radford, VA created a new logo for their church. What better way to show it off with a Custom Car Magnet from ARC Marketing! Soon, everyone in Radford will be familiar with this new logo.

This is New Horizons second custom car magnet design this year. The first design was more of an “informative car magnet” (who we are, what we do, etc.). This new car magnet shows off their beautiful new logo. Congratulations to the design-team at New Horizons Church… awesome new logo!

Church Car Magnets

Church Car Magnets

Want more information on getting a custom car magnet for your church? Visit our website at